Frequently asked questions

How confidential is counselling & psychotherapy?
I abide by a strict code of ethics which means that everything we discuss in the sessions will be kept between you and me. There are exceptions to this; ethical practice requires that I attend supervision with an experienced practitioner in order that my work can be explored and reviewed on a regular basis and if I am compelled to break confidence by a court of law or if a client was thought to be at risk of danger to self and / or others.

Who can benefit from therapy? 
Psychotherapy and Counselling can be beneficial to many, those experiencing bereavement or loss, past or current abusive experiences, anxiety and / or depression, those wanting to improve self-esteem and confidence, and those who may be experiencing relationship issues or difficult family histories. There can be many benefiting factors to therapy including reduced stress and anxiety, improved relationships, increased  self-confidence and an overall enhancement to life and experiences.
How regular are the sessions?
Sessions will usually take place on a weekly basis at a mutually agreed time, depending on what is needed, and this is something that can be discussed further during our initial meeting.
How long will I be in therapy?
This depends on the intial reason for coming to see me, but the length of time all depends on what you want to gain from coming to therapy. The length of time varies from person to person, sometimes we may agree on a limited number of sessions, for example between 6 and 12, or people may find they need something more lengthy, between 6 months to 2 years or more.
What is the cost?
Each 50 minute session costs £45 and this is including the initial appointment session.
I charge £50 for couples (an hour). 

I ask for payment of the full fee for cancellations with less than 72 hours notice