Welcome to Room 506!

"We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled,
but as candles to be lit." -- Robert H. Shaffer
1. Every student has the ability to learn and the right to an equal education.
2. Students should be valued as the reader they've been, the readers they are today, and the promise of the readers they can be.
3. Students should be empowered to become life-long learners.
4. Classrooms should be learner-centered in nature, with the teacher as the lead learner.
5. The study of literature should be the pursuit of asking questions and being content with not always having the answers.
6. Students should be challenged to and given the right to read literature from a variety of critical perspectives.
7. Literature is best taught and best learned when readers can connect with it.
8. We should teach our students how to learn, not simply what to learn.
9. Students should experience a variety of texts: the comfort of remembered reads, the challenge of texts from various cultures and people, and the influence of texts from different genres and time periods.
10. Students should experience all strands of literacy and recognize their individual and collective influence on each 

 Wordle.net offers another way to look at my philosophy, as a world cloud.  The worlds most often repeated in the philosophy become the words with the most prominence in the word cloud.