Congress and History conference papers

May 29-31, 2008 @ George Washington University 

Friday, May 30


Jamie Carson and Trey Hood, "The Effect of the Partisan Press on U.S. House Elections, 1800-1820"


Michael Crespin and Trey Hood, "Backward Mapping: Exploring Questions of Representation via Spatial Analysis of Historical Congressional Districts"

 Charles Finocchiaro, "Constituent Service, Agency Decision Making and Legislative Influence on the Bureaucracy in the Post Civil War Era"

 Eric Lawrence,
"Requests and the Distribution of Pork"

 Jessica Kratz and Kenneth Kato, Presentation on "Congressional Archives: Promises and Pitfalls”

 Glen Krutz,The Evolution of the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

 Erik Engstrom, "Strategic Redistricting and Congressional Realignments"

 John Baughman, "Legislation as Insurance: A Reconsideration of Ambition Theory and the Realignment of the 1850s"

Anthony Madonna and Michael Lynch, "Viva Voce: Implications from the Disappearing Voice Vote, 1807-1990"


John Owens and Mark Wrighton, "Partisan Polarization, Procedural Control, and Partisan Emulation in the U.S. House: An Explanation of Rules Restrictiveness Over Time"

Saturday, May 31

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