Sarah Clayes house photo

UPDATE! (December 1, 2013)

Many thanks to all of you who helped make our first clean-up of the property such a success.  See the Metrowest Daily News' coverage of the event by clicking HERE.  

Also, to see photos of the clean-up, click HERE.


"Thank you for your tireless efforts to save this precious remnant of our colonial past. Our nation is currently living through much hardship and anger. Regardless of our individual political and social viewpoints, we would do well to reflect on devastating moments in our history, such as the Salem witch trials. The Sarah Clayes House teaches not only of persecution and intolerance but also of repentance, forgiveness, and simple permission to live a quiet life."

                        -- Amy Babcock, Donor to the                 Sarah Clayes Preservation Project

Please Help Us Save the Sarah and Peter Clayes House!!! 

This is one of the most important historic properties in the Town of Framingham, but it is in danger of demolition by neglect.  Will you please help?  Please take a look at the four newsletters that we have written about this project (the top tabs of this page) for more information.  THANK YOU!

Please Make a Gift to This Vital Project!!!

Thanks to The Foundation for Metrowest, we can now accept tax-deductible financial contributions to the Clayes House Preservation Project.  Click HERE to make an on-line donation.  Make sure you click on the button that says "The Following Named Fund" and then select "Sarah Clayes House Fund" on the form.  And thank you!  

Do you want more information, to be added to our e-newsletter distribution list, or want to volunteer for the Project?  

Contact Janice Thompson at or 978-604-0869.  

Take a look at Julia Spitz's column in the 11/8/13 Metrowest Daily News about our project:  Click here