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I post the books here in the order that the books go, but write the comments in the order that I can be bothered, so things could get a bit confusing.  I might tidy it all up one day, but don't count on it.

Also, all books are .htm/.html unless specified otherwise. 


Catcher- "The Esteemed Catcher" apparently.  Also, apparently better for people who can relate to Holden.  Also, SManifesto referenced both the book and the author in Here's To Life.  The clips are in OGG vorbis, so go get the damn codec.

Fall of Reach - Same as First Strike and Ghosts of Onyx.  Same person, again.  (Books go in the order: FoR, TF, FS, GoO, as far as I know, so keep that in mind when reading them.  Gets really damn confusing if you don't.)  This one's a .pdf.

The Flood - Basically Halo 1 in book form.  Seems a bit of a lazy write, but hey, hardcore Halo fans and people who read all the time may like it.

First Strike - Same as Ghosts of Onyx, really.  Written by the same person, so expect the same.

Ghosts of Onyx- Sci-Fi Halo FanFic/Paid FanFic thang.  Good for Halo fans and...  Well, good for Halo fans.