3.1.4 Design-time presets (presets of Editor user interface)

Screen contains a list of workbench user interface parameters (user dependent):

  • Request user confirmation of template binding change

This option turns on/off the popup-screen with question, which appears every time when you try to change the template binding:

  • Allow to upload an initial XLSX-template from frontend 

This option is to show/hide the button  on the Initial screen. This button allows you to create a new Form with uploading any XLSX-file from desktop and using it as template:

Note: Using of this option is not recommended, because the uploaded file can contain unwanted embedded objects, external links etc, that can be cause of inconsistency in the resultant Printing form.

  • Activate messages tab when error occurs

This option sets messages tab active when you select a component which has errors .

  • Losing cell range selection when the component has no template binding

If the option is set, and you pose cursor to a component which does not have template binding, the current selection of cell range is losing (the whole worksheet is being selected).