«Loopstep»  – is a form component, allows You to process rows of internal table (looping through rows of the tablenested in context. It can be used for multiple replication of the nested subtree of Components in the runtime.

Thus, the component «Loopstep» is a basics for dynamic structures in the form.

Properties tab:


Item «Binding with context»

In the item You have to assign «Loopstep» to the table nested in context (Context binding). To do it, You should press the button  and then (in the popup search-help) You have to choose required context node (nested table) or whole context (when it is a table type).


Item «Row processing»

By default, all the rows of associated table of context will be processed. The item allows you to restrict the range of processed rows. By pressing the button  the popup-screen to restrict the table row range (From / To) will be shown  :

Note: If you don't want to restrict an upper range limit of row rows, just type 0 into the field To.

Examples of row range restriction:
  •   rows from 1 to 5 (inclusively) will be processed

  •   rows from 3 to 5 (inclusively) will be processed

  •   only a single row 7 will be processed

  •   rows 8 (inclusively) and above will be processed

Possible applications of component «Loopstep»:

  • Replicate of rows for a tabular section of the form:


  • Dynamic creating of worksheets in the form:


  • Subtotals in the tabular section (via multi-level nested loopstep):