VBA-macro-enabled format .XLSM

By default, a resultant form file will be composed with .XLSX format, which does not approve embed VBA-macro.

However, if You need to embd Your own VBA-macro, You should to change file format from .XLSX to .XLSM , which supports VBA-macro. To do it:
  • Select Root node in the form structure tree  
  • In the Properties tab, in the item «File format» press button  and choose required format:


If one of Your own embed VBA-macro need to be automatically run directly after file creation (once), just pass required macro name as IMPORTING-parameter IV_STARTUP_MACRO when F.M. ZXLWB_CALLFORM is calling

For example:
IV_STARTUP_MACRO = 'Module1.Macro1'

VBA-macro can only be run in dialogue runtime mode, and it will be ignored in background processing.