3.1 Tutorials

XLSX Road Map

Before beginning You have to install objects of the functionality to Your SAP-system .

Below is the «Roadmap» of the development process:

1) Development of the context (see more).

As a Context, you can use any suitable Table type or Structure or Data element from the ABAP-dictionary.

Or just create your own Context via transaction SE11.


2) Development of the form (see more).

Call transaction ZXLWB_WORKBENCH and build the form structure in the visual editor.

No ABAP-code, just click and drag-n-drop.


3) Development of the printing program (see more).

Create a printing program:

  • declare a context (just variable which refers to ABAP-dictionary type);

  • fill context with data;

  • call function module 'ZXLWB_CALLFORM'.

Profit !!!

By default, the Form will immediately popup with MS Excel application.

However, you can use an option for saving the Form as XLSX-file on your desktop.  

And, of course, you can easily get XLSX-file as a hex-sequence for further manipulation with it (sending via e-mail, for example).

And yes, XLSX-file compiles without OLE, directly on the application server (this allows getting XLSX-file in Background job).