..2 Form

The Form's source is here .

How to import Form into the system see here . 

Create and save a new form

Launch an XLSX Workbench, and create a new form with name GANTTCHART .

Assign a context to the form 

Assign a context ZCONTEXT_GANTTCHART to the form. When an automatically creation of the Form structure will be prompted, you should press the button   to create a structure manually.

Markup of template 

Markup an Excel-template as shown below :


Create a Form structure

Add the new components into form structure as shown in the picture below:

Template binding for components

Perform Template binding for all the «Patterns» and all the «Values» according to scheme below:

SAP Excel template binding

Context binding for components

Perform Context binding for «Loopsteps» and «Values» according to scheme below:

SAP to Excel context binding

Activate the Form by pressing a button 

Form is ready to use.


The form structure is quite branched, due to the strong variability of form:
  • Table has a variable (dynamic) number of Columns and Rows.
  • Table has dynamically merged cells (with column spans / row spans ).
  • There are cells with dynamically defined formatting.

For convenience, the form structure is conventionally divided into two parts:
  • Title (folder HEADER)
  • Items (folder POSITIONS).
The following are the properties tab for the main components of the form structure. Note the options, marked by the red frames («Output direction», «Appearance at runtime»«Merge cells») :

Properies tab of components of the Header :

Properies tab of components of the Positions :