..2 Form

The Form's source is here .

How to import Form into the system see here . 

Open the previous Form and save it by another name

Copy the previous example 
SHIPPING_LABELS, saving it by another name SHIPPING_LABELS_2.

To do it, You have to open (in the XLSX Workbench) the form SHIPPING_LABELS. In the application toolbar, click an icon "drop-down list" (right-side of the button ) and choose the item «Save as…». In a popup-window type a new form name (SHIPPING_LABELS_2).


Place a «Sheet» inside the «Loopstep»

Move components (using drag-and-drop) so that the the «Sheet»  would be nested in the «Loopstep»  :

The structure means that, in the Runrime printing form a new Worksheet (that contains a single Label) will be inserted in the Workbook for each «Loopstep» iteration.


Set worksheet name from Context field [to_name]

By default, worksheet names are generated automatically (initial name & increment) in the runtime printing form.
It would be better
, if the worksheet name is equal to recipient name. We have to do that the value from Context field TO_NAME be passed into the Worksheet name.

  • Select the node of component  in the Form structure tree.
  • Press the button  in the item «sheet name at runtime» of the properties tab. In the popup search-help choose a field of the recipient name (TO_NAME):


Activate the Form by pressing a button 

Form is ready to use.