..2 Form

Of course, you could create the form "from scratch", however, it will be faster to slightly modified the Form from the previous example. Here we explain this method.

Open the previous Form and save it by another name

You have to open (in the XLSX Workbench) the form SHIPPING_LABELS (from previous example) and and save it by another name SHIPPING_LABELS_1 .

To do it, You have to click an icon "drop-down list" (right-side of the button ) and choose the item «Save as…». In a popup-window specify a new name (SHIPPING_LABELS_1): 

Include «Pattern» into the «Folder» 

  • Insert a component «Folder» directly under component «Loop». 

  • Include component «Pattern» into the recently created component «Folder» (just move using Drag-and-drop.

  • For the recently created «Folder», in the Properties tab, in the item «Insert page break (at the begining)» switched on the Horizontal page break :


Activate the Form by pressing a button 

Form is ready to use.