..2 Form

The Form's source is here .

How to import Form into the system see here . 

Create and save a new form

Launch XLSX Workbench, and in the popup window specify a form name HELLO_WORLD

and then press the button  :

The workbench screen will be displayed:

Press a button  in the application toolbar, for the new form saving. 

In the popup window specify a target package:


Assign a context to the form 

To do it, press the button  in a left-bottom frame, in the item «Name of the context».
In the popup window specify 

Next, you will be prompted to create a form structure automatically (based on context) : 


You should press the button

As result,  «Pattern» () and «Value» () will be added under the «Sheet» in the form structure tree 

Added components will already assigned to the Context (i.e. will already have Context binding), but they are still needs a Template binding.

We'll perform Template binding later, but first we perform markup of template


Markup of template :

Draw a gray colored rectangle in the Excel-template: just set a background color of cell range as shown in the picture below: 


Assign «Pattern» to a target cell range in the Excel-template

Perform Template binding for a Pattern  according to scheme below:


Assign «Value» to a target cell in the Excel-template

Perform Template binding for  according to scheme below:


Activate the Form by pressing a button 

Form is ready to use.


Summary Template/Context binding scheme: