A standard class CL_HRPAYNA_GUI_ALV_TREE might be unavailable in your system. In this instance you should create it manually, with name ZXLWB_ALV_TREE, for example.

Here is nugget to install objects via SAPLINK .

Create a class

Call transaction SE24 and specify name of creating class ZXLWB_ALV_TREE and press the button «Create»:

Specify a Superclass

Go to «Properties» tab and press a button . 
After that, type CL_GUI_ALV_TREE in the Superclass input field :

Create a GET_OUTTAB metod

Go to the
«Methods» tab and add a new method GET_OUTTAB (Instance method, Public) :

Add parameter ET_OUTTAB for the method GET_OUTTAB

Ptess a button  , and create a Returning-parameter ET_OUTTAB (with typing Type Ref To DATA):

Implement a code for the method GET_OUTTAB

Press a button  , and follow to the code editor. Type just a single code line :    



Activate the class by pressing a button 


Replace all matches of the CL_HRPAYNA_GUI_ALV_TREE with the ZXLWB_ALV_TREE in a ZXLWB_INCLUDE code .