A standard table type CKF_FIELD_VALUE_TABLE might be unavailable in your system. In this case you should create it manually, with name ZXLWB_FIELD_VALUE_TABLE, for example.

Here is nugget to install objects via SAPLINK .

Create a structure ZXLWB_FIELD_VALUE

Call transaction SE11,  and specify name of creating structure ZXLWB_FIELD_VALUE and press the button «Create»:

Add tho fields to the structure:
  • FIELDNAME   (Data element LVC_FNAME)
  • VALUE       (Data element LVC_VALUE)

Save and activate the structure by pressing the button .

Create a table type ZXLWB_FIELD_VALUE_TABLE 

Call transaction SE11,  and specify name of creating table type ZXLWB_FIELD_VALUE_TABLE and press the button «Create»:

Specify the recently created structure ZXLWB_FIELD_VALUE as Line type :

Save and activate the table type by pressing the button .

Replace all matches of the table type CKF_FIELD_VALUE_TABLE and structure CKF_FIELD_VALUE with the name of recently created objects, in the ZXLWB_INCLUDE and F.M.ZXLWB_CALLFORM code.