2.4 Сhange log

Version 4.09

Version 4.08

  • XLSM-file: Error when nested ActiveX and form controls, has been fixed . 

  • Error regarding wrong file format when using VBScript post processing has been fixed.

  • Option 'Keep named ranges of template' has been added .

Version 4.07

  • Tree component: Currency conversion error has been fixed 

Version 4.06

  • Chart component: Option of dynamic title of Category/ Value axis has been added 

  • Error, which occurs when Excel-template contains over 47 worksheets, has been fixed.

  • Error opening XLSM-file in floating mode has been fixed. 

  • Bug regarding active cell after autofit action has been fixed.

Version 4.05

Version 4.04

Version 4.03

  • Bug regarding uniqueness of GUID (temporary file name), has been fixed.

  • Texts had been revised and stored into program text-pool (instead of hardcode).

Version 4.02

  • Bug regarding CL_SALV_TREE fieldcatalog and aggegation features in background job, has been fixed.

Version 4.01

  • Extended sheet protection options has been added.

  • Function of mass cloning of components (available in the mass processing mode) has been added.

  • Manual (typing) context binding option (without search-help) has been added.

Version 4.00