How to add Sinhala Unicode support to your computer
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 Since some time, we can use Sinhala language with Computers in the same way we use English with the help of the Unicode technology.

 Sinhala Unicode should be distinguished from the old Sinhala language solutions which were available before. For example Thibas, Sinhala Word and some others were used to make a sudo Sinhala appearence on the latin computing backbone.  Sinhala Unicode does not have the limitations which were there in those systems. In very simple way, in old methods the Sinhala letter 'ayanna' is stored internally as 'a' in the computers storage. Now using the Sinhala Unicode 'ayanna' is stored as 'ayanna'. So clean, simple, complete and cool.

Now, there are lot of ways to  use Sinhala Unicode with your computer.  Lot of people found it  difficult to setup there computer to use Sinhala Unicode because there is no guide which explain it from the begining. So I decided to write a comprehensive guide to install Sinhala in your computer and also give an idea of the technologies surrounding it.

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Visit this page to get some Sinhala Computing resources. Sinhala Unicode Resources 

See an example of Sinhala Usage on Firefox web browser.