SAP PPPI Process Instruction Categories

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Detailing Process Instruction Categories

Detailing Process Instruction Categories

As explained above process instructions are of the following types, one which sends process instructions to the destination and which gets back the requested from the destination to process the data records in SAP.

Transaction code to configure

There are many process instruction types are predefined in SAP. Nevertheless you can also create a process instruction category in customizing using the transaction code – O12C. In customizing (transaction code SPRO) SAP provides the different paths to configure process instructions, but they all carry the same transaction code (Define Process instruction categories (general), Define Process instruction categories for SAP PI Sheet using PI assistance, Define Process instruction categories for SAP PI Sheet using characteristics overview).

Purpose of this section

Note - This particular section of documentation explains process instruction categories, the configuration involved and the types of process instruction categories in SAP PPPI Process Management. The configuration and explanation of the process instruction categories co-exist together in this section.

Figure 17

Types of Process Instruction Categories and their Configuration

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Process Instruction Categories are explained in 2 pages

Process Instruction Category Page 1

Process Instruction Category Page 2

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