SAP PPPI - Process Management - Process Instructions and Process Messages

Study Material Contributed by Ulhas Kavle - Senior SAP Consultant, Mahindra Satyam

SAP PPPI Process Management

Overview of Process Instructions Categories and Process Messages Categories

Process instructions categories are assigned to the phases in a master recipe. Upon creation of the process order, the system calls the relevant master recipe, thus pulling in the operation list, material list and the process instructions.

The process instruction categories are used in SAP PPPI Process Management to send process order/process specifications information to the control recipe destination and to receive the requested information from the control recipe destination to process data records in SAP.

In short Process instruction categories are used as a device to send information to the Destination, this information can be

a) Process notes, process specifications; process order related information.

b) It can be the information of data requests which are to be sent back to SAP for processing the manufacturing data records in SAP.

Purpose of Process Instructions:

a) A Process Instruction list contains process instructions which send information and notes to the destination, such as order details or phase details or material consumption details or process parameter notes.

b) Reporting back the consumption data, confirmations, goods receipt, and quality inspection results, to SAP is an activity triggered after completion or partial completion. To enable the system achieve this, SAP sends process instructions categories which contains the respective process message category and process message characteristics which are to be filled in by the process control system and sent back to SAP.

For example, if you are expecting back the goods receipt information, the system expects the values for material produced, quantity produced, the unit of measure of the same, the operation/phase information, the process order against which it is to be posted, the plant, the event time/date information and whether it is a final postings etc.

A Process message category with all the information filled in it is posted to SAP through defined BAPI’s or Function modules in the process message category. In our example below the process message category PI_PROD contains all the process message characteristics whose values are filled in by the process control system and posted back to SAP and processed in SAP for goods receipt against a process order.

Very important Note - If you see the table below, in a process instruction category carrying the process message category (which is requesting data back to SAP), the value column would contain the process message categories or process message characteristics.

SAP PPPI Process Management - Control Recipe Destination

Briefing on Control Recipe Destination

If the control recipe destinations are of type 1 or 4, then PI Sheets are sent to the destination (SAP operator groups). A control recipe is created at the time of release of the process order, which bundles up all the process instructions for a given destination and for an order in the form of a PI Sheet. The PI sheets contains process instructions categories in a form-layout containing process notes or process order related data along with the data requests for confirmations, activity confirmations, goods issues, goods receipts, inspection results, that are to be sent back to the SAP tables in the form of process messages. In such cases too, the system receives the data from the destination in the form of process messages and then uploads them in to SAP tables using functional modules and BAPI’s.

If the control recipe destinations are of type 2 or 3, then Process instruction categories are bundled up in a control recipe, for a given destination and for a given process order and are sent to the external system. The purpose of the process instruction categories carrying process notes or process data requests remains the same.

SAP PPPI Process Management Topics

The process management section is divided in two:

a) Process Instruction Categories - Detailed Explaination

b) Process Message Categories - Detailed Explaination

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