SAP SOP Understanding Versions in SAP SOP

Study Material Contributed by Ulhas Kavle - Senior SAP Consultant


The actual data is stored against the version number “000” and the active data is stored against the version “A00”. Between the actual version and the active version, you can create as many inactive versions and save the data against them. The inactive version is a playfield for the planner; as a result of multiple trial and errors with the planning data and data plays, the planner finally tags a planning situation as the final planning situation; this final planning situation lying in the planning table should be then made active.

It should be noted that for every version that is created and for which data is stored in the planning table, all the values for each of the key figures & characteristics combinations entered manually or evaluated by macros or events or forecasts are directly updated in the information structure against the respective version number.

Activating a version or even creation of a version, is possible in the transaction code “MC8V” – Copy Planning versions. You can create a new planning version as you copy from one version to other. At the same time you can even activate an existing version.

Through the use of copy function, one can create as many versions of the information structure data and use it for planning massages.

Fig – SOP_33

One can delete a planning version by using the transaction code MC8W. On the other hand, you can schedule a background job to delete or copy a planning version or to activate an existing planning version.

Fig – SOP_34

For scheduling a copy from a target version of one information structure to another information structure, SAP has provided a transaction code “MC8Q” as shown below.

Fig – SOP_35

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