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Learn SAP MRP in 11 Steps

Study Material Contributed by Ulhas Kavle - Senior SAP Consultant, Mahindra Satyam

Learn SAP MRP in 11 Steps

Learn SAP MRP in 11 Steps


After knowing - what is SAP MRP and its concept, SAP MRP configuration, Master Data involved in SAP MRP, we can jump to understanding the way in which the SAP MRP programs function. The following documentation arranged in links would take you through the 11 steps to understand the SAP MRP Concepts in detail.




Presentation of the SAP MRP Documentation



The SAP MRP Documentation is presented in 11 Simple steps which will be explained in 11 different Links on this website.



The following steps are executed in SAP MRP in the sequence given. Each step is executed one after the other. To understand and learn SAP MRP, you can should know the occurrence sequence and the details of each step.



Pre-requisites = Configuring SAP MRP





Step by Step Page Links to Explain the methodical working of SAP MRP - Material Requirement Planning



Understanding SAP MRP and the purpose



Creation of Material Master MRP Views and Assignment of MRP Types



Planning File Entry and the Selection of Materials for SAP MRP Run



Defining Planning Control Parameters for SAP MRP Run



Understanding the Types of Planning Runs in SAP MRP



Calculation of Shortage Quantities in SAP MRP Run and creation of Procurement proposals - Net requirement Planning or Gross Requirement Planning



Lot Size calculations for the Procurement Proposals in an SAP MRP Run



Scheduling of the Procurement Proposals in an SAP MRP Run



Determination of the type of Procurement Proposal – External or Internal



BOM Explosion to calculate the quantities of header material and its dependent requirements.



MRP Run Analysis using Stock Requirement List