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SAP Material Master


SAP Material Master


SAP Material Master

The SAP Material Master is an SAP objects which is not only used to name a material but also to hold a lot of other material related parameters such as:
a) the material's production related parameters (if the material is an in-house produced material),
b) the material's planning related parameters (if the materials is to be planned using MRP)
c) the material's sales related parameters (if the material is a saleable material),
d) the material's purchase related parameters (if the material is an externall,y procured material),
e) the material's storage or inventorizing related parameters and warehousing parameters (if the material is warehouse managed)
f) the material's accounting related parameters (if it is a valuated material)
g) the material's costing related parameter (if the material is to be costed for activities)
h) it also holds the material;s classification system used for carrying the material features and specifications, materials batch specifiations.

SAP Material Master Views

To hold the above parameters, SAP has offered various views for each of the business functionality, such as production views or work scheduling views, sales views, plant storage views, material's warehousing views, material classification views, purchasing views or even foriegn trade related control parameters in the foriegn trade views.

Other SAP Material Master Parameters

The SAP Material Master also holds the following uses:
a) Material's Naming Convention
b) Material's Unit of Measure - base unit and alternate units
c) Material's Short text, description and Long ellaborated texts
d) Material's UPC codes
e) Material's Packaging Methods
f) Material's Batch Management strategies (if the material is batch managed)

SAP Material Master Views for Production and Planning










SAP Work Scheduling View

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