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Who We Are

Sunshine Acres Property Owners Association

P.O. Box 824

Sequim, Washington 98382

Welcome to Sunshine Acres!  Sunshine Acres Property Owners Association (SAPOA) represents your diverse community’s interests.  The following information is offered in an attempt to ease understanding of that homeowners association.  We urge you to get to know your neighbors, participate in community activities, and explore the beautiful landscape that surrounds us here on the North Olympic Peninsula!

 SAPOA’s Board of Directors consists of 5 elected volunteer board members.  Board of Directors Meetings are conducted periodically as required.  Dates, locations, and times are announced on the reader board located at the intersection of Diamond Point Road and Rhododendron Drive.  Property owners are welcome to attend.  We also hold one general membership meeting per year at the Gardiner Community Center, usually in September.  You are strongly encouraged to attend.  The association is primarily responsible for the preservation and maintenance of our common properties (Mussel Beach Road, a storm water detention pond, and 2 undeveloped lots and easements).  We publish a yearly newsletter (or more if needed) to advise property owners of issues of common concern to members.

 Membership in SAPOA is mandatory with ownership of developed or undeveloped property in Sunshine Acres.  Annual dues are collected by mail.  They run annually during our fiscal year, September 1 to August 31.  Statements detailing your paid/unpaid dues status are mailed to all property owners during the month of September.  Paid membership entitles you to vote on all issues of significance in the community, including electing board members, approving the budget and other issues as they arise.  Balloting is done by mail, to include absentee owners, although in our annual and semi annual all member meetings we may vote to place a particular issue on a mail-out ballot.  Failure to pay dues and/or special assessments will result in continuous accrual of debt and late fees to SAPOA.  In the meantime, you will forfeit your voting rights.

 Sunshine Acres has 8 covenanted plats, each of which adheres to a separate set of specific covenants to which you have agreed, by virtue of purchasing property.  If your real estate agent did not give you a set of your covenants, you may obtain them by contacting SAPOA by mail, by calling the SAPOA Secretary, or visiting the SAPOA website sapoasequim.com.  Each plat has an elected architectural representative who will evaluate your building plans to insure that they meet your plat’s covenants.  You must have plat Architectural Committee approval prior to or at the same time you obtain Clallam County permits and approvals and before starting construction on your lot!

 With title held in trust by SAPOA, comes your ownership of approximately 1/400th of Mussel Beach Road, our commonly owned private access to ½ mile of beach walking, fishing, boat launch ramp, and the beauty of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Protection Island.  The road is also a major drainage route for water flowing off property in Sunshine Acres.  Its maintenance much more critical than merely providing recreation!  You can access Mussel Beach Road by turning left off Diamond Point Road just past Industrial Parkway onto Sunshine Avenue.  Follow Sunshine Avenue past the airport.  After it curves to the left, you will see the single lane beach access road on the right.  Or, head down Fleming (at the sunshine Acres log sign, off Diamond Point Road), then turn right onto Sunshine Avenue.  You will see Mussel Beach Road on your left.

 The access road has a locked gate at the entrance.  A key and a Rules and Regulations copy can be obtained from the SAPOA Secretary for minimal cost, providing you are currently paid up on your SAPOA dues.  The road sustained heavy damage during the winter snowmelt flooding of 1996-1997.  A $200,000 major renovation and rebuilding was performed to repair the damage.  The road’s usage and operation is presently monitored by the Mussel Beach Road Advisory Committee.  Severe weather and/or hazardous road conditions can result in short-term closings.

 The Diamond Point Airport is maintained and managed by the Diamond Point Airport Association (DPAA) in trust for all property owners in Sunshine Acres.  Contact DPAA’s Web Site below about membership in that local organization and/or use of the airport.   The airport is also used for Medivac emergencies, Coast Guard operations and wildland firefighting.  All owners of property in Sunshine Acres are welcome to walk along Airport Way, on the south side of and adjacent to the airport, but be mindful that it is a private road and used as a taxiway and respectful of the homeowners whose posted private property abuts airport property.

 Feel free to contact SAPOA’s Board of Directors listed below if you have questions or concerns.  SAPOA does not police the community, nor do we have any direct power to enforce plat covenants, but we may be able to answer questions and offer assistance.

 SAPOA web site:   http://sites.google.com/site/sapoasequim/