Bayesian Statistics and Decision Analysis (ENG)

EuroBayes - Master Degree

  • The International Master Degree in "Bayesian Statistics and Decision Analysis" was conceived as a joint effort six European universities to design a special program with enphasis on Bayesian Inference. This master program called by the abbreviation EuroBayes provides advanced training aimed at students who wish to acquire advanced skills for the use and development of modern methods of statistical data analysis and decision making under uncertainty, with particular emphasis on Bayesian inference. The program is implemented through the collaboration of statistics Departments of three European universities that represent a broad spectrum of research approaches. One of the main distinguishing features in this program is the presence of a selection in the first two semesters of courses and topics common to all universities participating to the EuroBayes project. In the second year, the student can continue his training moving to one of the partner Universities. She/he must achieve at least 36 credits from one of the partner universities (University of Paris Dauphine, University of Helsinki). The final written dissertation can be done in any of the partner universities under the supervision of one of their professors. EuroBayesian students enrolled at Sapienza, achieveing at least 36 credits at Paris Dauphine and completing the program are awarded with the double degree of Italian Laurea Magistrale and French Master-2.
  • A prospective student wishing to join the EuroBayes program must follow the regular procedures for enrolment and apply for the Master Degree Course (Laurea Magistrale) "Scienze Statistiche e Decisionali" [Statistics and Decision Making]. For further information on the curriculum contents, prospective students may contact prof. Luca Tardella by email <> or Skype. For other bureaucratic info prospective students can consult the Sapienza website (in english) or contact the Hello Office.

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List of the six partner universities which jointly collaborated to design the EuroBAyes program signed an International agreement for the foundation of the EuroBayes consortium:
  • University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Universidad Carlos III (Madrid, Spain)
  • Université Paris-Dauphine (Paris, France)
  • Università La Sapienza (Rome, Italy)
  • Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (Klagenfurt, Austria)
  • Universitat de València (Valencia, Spain)
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