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Many people are "on the fence" when it comes to GE.   The reasons for this can range from ignorance of GE to religious reasons to personal opinion.   I shall attempt to bring some light to both sides.

Genetic Engineering has several ethical advantages:

  • Removing hazardous genes from the gene pool using non-eugenic techniques
  • Increasing the food supply to feed more people
  • Curing people with deadly diseases
  • Giving immunity to deadly diseases 
  • Understanding our evolutionary pathway, and other evolutionary pathways
  • Increasing human intelligence and strength
  • and many others


The other side views GE as a threat for several reasons, but the ethical reasons are listed below:

  • Eugenics
  • Someone might use GE to control other people
  • A new form of a deadly disease might be created
  •  Stem cell research is viewed as killing babies
  • and other dangers that might become apparent as GE comes in practical use.


This video summarizes both sides quite well.