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My Eden




Tears swelled up in our eyes last night

As rain drops fall from heaven

Simply a walking disguise in the light

As rain drops fall from heaven.


Wondered when I will be alright

Grew so weak, no energy to fight

On the verge of loosing a little hope in my mind

Wished that I could simply unwind.


As time goes love for you made me blind

Knew that I can never leave you behind

Wanted to make everything right

Wished I could see you in sight


Wished I had the strength to fight

Wished I could hold you tight

Knew you too was remembering me

None of us knew how it meant to be


Thinking back to the times we had

Smiles and laughter but yet so sad

Laying on bed all alone

Wished you were with me in back home


Now the only thing that was on my mind

Is the memories we had way back in time

The tears from my eyes and deep inside

Matches the drops that came from the sky



Right into my arms where you belong

So that I can sing for you a song

A song that tells you how I feel

A song that is nothing but real.


But one in a billion phrase, YOU are to me------


You have a loving heart,

A reverie, a dream,

You are a babbling brook,

A gently rushing stream.

You have the warmest smile,

You are a place of glee,


You are whatever I want,

Whatever I want it to be -.




02/06/09//--\\1.15 P