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Honey Moon




Start for the snowy top,

Lets go of the anchor;

Will climb up to the snow clad

And explore with candor.


Here's our nest we've dreamed about,

By the God’s bliss, it will be a clout.

So let’s enjoy ourselves as we look around

With the splendid beauty wraps us round.


In the Snowy Sikkim, where the Snowy river flows

The temperatures at low and the winds of Summer blows

And the twinkling stars are out there on the moonlit hill

Our love will re-echo in the silence something loud and shrill.


Golden rays at sunup will glitter the hilly trees,

Vegetation and fruit as far as the eye sees.

Fantabulous nature and rhododendron galore,

Friendly animals and birds by the score,



                                                                    We, the couple will enjoy the honeymoon-location

We are here for awhile in your dream vacation!