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Pretty Hail

It's dry and hot in the summer sun...

The grass begins to turn brown,

When, YES!! Finally, the rain has begun!!!!

In it, I wished to run around...


At night the sound puts me to sleep,

I hear the drip drop on my window pane.

And then, as darkness starts to creep.

I sit and listen to the rain.


Without rain... life could come to an end.

No water to drink... we could only pretend!

We could do nothing... there wouldn't be snow,

Without water on Earth, to the grave we would go!!!


So all hail the mighty rain!

With its water so cool...

With it, we're not slain,

Rain, YOU WILL RULE!!!!!


I am a thousand winds that swiftly blow.

I am the diamond glint

on newly fallen snow.

I am the sunlight

on ripened grain.

I am the soft and gentle summer rain.


The long rain ends, and rivulets

course the yard as larger washes

rage and roar, carve the desert sand perfect.

The woodpecker's clarion call bashes

Duets with distant tractor

in cold air cleansed by recent rain’s factor.


Bright, bright sky-filled light,

Sun-scribed sparrow on a barbed-wire wind;

Two javelins, shining hackles rose bright,

Stand splay-footed, flat-nose test the wind.

Quartz gleams dazzle in glittering sand;

The thrasher's whistled succulence,

a juicy morsel well tasted and tanned.




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