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Benath The Canopy

Beneath the Canopy of GALAXY





Beneath the canopy of moon and stars

We two tiny people sit, for now together.

Love binds them, they would like to hope, forever;

But there is much that such a union feather.


Heaven is so vast; the Earth so small,

Yet large enough to stretch a great love thin.

For love to flourish, it must turn within:

To the single soul that unifies us all.


Within this soul the walls of fear dissolve:

Distance, difference, history are no more.

The holy silence stills the sounds of war.

We love as round us miracles revolve.


We know we cannot live within this shell

Of heaven both above us and below.

Day by every day the world we know

Will guarantee we recognize it well.


Yet there are truths far greater than the sun,

Beyond the blanket blue of every day.

In love's dark longings, we will find a way

To make our human separateness one.

Love's a stream that knows no borders,

Passports, visas, lengths of stay,

Laws and papers, rules and orders:

All these lies it sweeps away.


Love knows no color, race, or creed,

Spilling over states at will,

Submerging memory in need,

Drowning walls in waters still.


No bar can block it as it flows,

Tumbling towards eternity,

Gathering wisdom as it goes,

Yearning for our common sea.