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Like last summer, today is the day of heavy rain..

Last year, I was in such a gay mood

But today, the particular date

Occurs a mental-pensive pain..


Sitting by the window side and

Watching outside the shower

Recollecting the day when

Thou first appeared before me with thy debonair attractive power.


My first osculant condition evokes me to mourn

When thou came to me in the balcony

Where I was all alone..


Drawing nearer to me, kissed in a sway

And put me a gold ring…..

From that very moment, my intense gay

Made me to think that-

‘ Of the garden of my heart’-

Thou art the mighty king…


Remember, then knelling down

Offered me thy love, my master?

Oh God! My heartbeat had become faster and f-a-s-t-e-r…

Without uttering a single word,

I gazed at thee and wept

Which expressed the silent love

From my heart’s depth…


After that, a year has passed away-

In which we swayed in the rhythm of gay..

Thou art no more with me

But I feel your presence everywhere I see;


Birds may be dumb and rivers may die

Thou may forget me but never will I

Time and space may keep us apart

But thou are always in my heart…