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Limn Of Mine

Limn Of Mine-- A Poetess



In the mind of a poet deep secrets lie dormant waiting to be revealed

Deep in the crevices of the primordial subconscious lie sealed

Unasked questions, wordless thoughts, and unspoken desires get prevailed.


The poet pours forth a veritable fountain of verbose interludes

Choosing each word carefully to project the perfect preludes

As a painter paints in hues and shades, the poet paints in words

In verbs and nouns portraying visions of thoughts of a LORD

Creating a work of art ... a picture can paint a thousand words.


But in the mind of a poet a word can paint a thousand snaps

To choose just the right word to portray just the right emotion

To convey just the right thought - this is the art of the poet’s claps.


And in the mind of a poet, every word is integral to the whole

Every single word is seen as necessary to express the perfect thought

The perfect meaning, the perfect expression of mind and soul.


In the mind of the poet, the Creator is the Creation creating the CREATOR

The poet becomes as a god, creating from darkness and sore.


Writing into existence with sentences new creations, bringing new life

Expressing new visions, new revelations in the rapid thrive.