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No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.




Death is not the end

Death can never be the end.


Death is the road and the truest friend.

Life is the traveller.

The Soul is the Guide and its pillar.




Words cannot explain

how much you mean to me

nothing could ever compare

or even ever be


Even though I may be leaving

I'll still be in your heart

you'll always be real close

even though we're far apart


I'm not going to say good-bye

or that I can't go on

I'll say I love you, and see you later

even though I'm gone


Your hands, your touch, your smile,

Are things I will never forget,

All the love you shared with me,

And all the tears and pain will migrate.


In our short time together,

All the memories we had,

Will last in my heart,

Those memories I can never forget


I love you dear, more than you'll ever know

I 'll be in heaven as a shining star

no matter how far away you seem

heaven is never too far


No more rebirths will I see

Nevermore will I walk in dew soaked meadows

 No more seasons, the earth reborn

 Nevermore will I walk in dew soaked meadows

 No more my loved one will lay with me.



 Now I am dying no more sunsets will I see

 Nevermore to gaze in silent awe

 No more to feel a closing day

 Nevermore to sleep beside my lover

 No more dreams of tomorrow.


 Its me...