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Wheel Chair

An autobiography of a wheelchair






Hi everybody! It’s so kind of you all that in spite of your hectic schedules, you have come to me to listen the story of my life….about my past ………Well, my past…….. it was some a times very glittering and many a times very shabby……….. I had always enjoyed the sunshine of one’s smile….. But I was truly contented when I found myself as the source of one’s mode of laughter, joy, sustenance to breathe and to exist on the earth. Can you give a wild guess about my identity...No?...........Then let me reveal myself…..I am a wheel chair of a sweet little mistress who had lost the lower part of her legs in a road accident.




I was born in a dusky summer in “Callidal Motor Works” in Chennai in 1988. I was fitted with Mecanum wheels, had a blue spongy velvet  seat. I wore beautiful covers of high classed leather on my both arms and had a wooden foot board. Nevertheless to mention, I was the most beautiful among all the “wheel chairs for the teens” to get displayed in the showroom of M.G.Road, Chennai. Within a couple of days of my settlement there, a young couple came with their little daughter of 8 years. It was so pity to see that the little girl had lost her legs….. She was in the lap of her daddy…. They were in search of a wheel chair, as a birthday gift for her…. She was asked to choose and select any one from our group. She went around and around amongst my friends with her daddy and stopped at once in front of me. She gave a broad smile and pointed out and shouted” Papa, I want it for me……” the couple patted her and bought me at once and took me with them to their house……




So, my new address and destination was tagged for me. It was a beautiful bunglow in Besant Nagar…..the name of my new mistress is Alagarasi which means in Tamil “queen of beauty” . She was truly the same. She was so innocent and pure at heart that you can never ever believe… She loved me a lot. Where ever she went, she took me with her… She started leaving her parent’s lap and loved to sit on me…. She hung colourful balloons around me and glittering colourful papers……Every morning, her governess used to clean me off with a tidy cloth and bathed me on every Sunday morning with mild shampoo.. Ah! It was so nice a feeling… you simply can’t imagine….. I was placed in Alagarasi’s bed room, beside her bed. On morning, she woke up, jumped on my lap and I took her in her parent’s room, in the prayer room and then to the balcony. After having breakfast, I took her in the garden of the bunglow. Then she left for her school….I was kept alone .I used to take short naps at that time….In the late afternoon, after she returned, again came on my lap and roamed the house for quite some time. She loved me a lot. I too gave her so many invisible hugs and kisses. I was always very cautious whenever I carried her so that she should not get hurt. My little mistress took many snaps of us together. Some of them are beautifully laminated and hung on the wall of her bed room and drawing room. Oh! It felt so proud….. I had never thought that my snap can also get displayed this way……..




Years and years flew away…they were so colourful……. But it is rightly said by the great poet William Blake

“Joy and woe are woven fine.

A clothing for the soul divine.”


So, also came my days of mere shatter and agony. As my little princess grew elder with the time, I was becoming smaller for her in shape and size. She could no more get fitted in mine. My lap was gradually becoming smaller to hold her . She tried and tried to get fitted and I too tried and tried to make her get fitted in mine but alas! With the ineluctable process of mutability, I started to grow old and started to get rejected. Meanwhile another technically updated wheelchair, driven by motor came and took the batten from my hand in the race…the race of the life…. So, finally, I was placed in the store room….




Hello readers, it’s a golden opportunity for me that after so many years some one wanted to know about me, about my origin, present and the past………..I am overwhelmed , my dear….. Now, I am none but a worn out non living thing with no hopes and aspirations about future. Everyday lots of cockroaches, spiders and lizards dance and jump over me. Webs are formed everywhere on my body. Dust and dirt are the two inseparable factors of my life now a day….It had been over a decade that I did not inhale the fresh air outside and am deprived of the invincible beauty of dusk and dawn and of the sunrise and the sunset…..but still I sigh with a satisfaction that the love, caring and affection which my mistress had rendered to me was during those days are simple incredible and incomputable…..Now a day, I live with the memories….and cope with the grin truth that joy and woe dwell together, hand in hand. So, somewhere the poet had nicely depicted the scenario of the dual existence of the two phases of rejoices and sorrow in one’s life:-


“It is right, it should be so

Man was made for joy and woe,

When this we rightly know,

Through the world we safely go.”