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The Savior


The Savior



“It has been my philosophy of life that
difficulties vanish when faced boldly."
- Isaac Asimov


Two wayfarers lost their way in the desert. They were two days without food or water and were almost dead. The vegetation cover is sparse to almost nonexistent. At last these two friends came to the shade of a palm tree near an oasis. It was going to be dark as the sun was setting. The tree was bare, but they found that under to it was laying a small silken bag.


"Oh, kind God!!" one exclaimed, "there may be some dates or dried fruit in the bag and that will save us from immediate death." He opened the bag feverishly but he let out a gasp: "My God, there are only colourful stones! They may be valuable in market prices but right now, the bag bears no value to us." 


But the other said, “No friend, we should not overlook it. We must keep it with us. When we get out of the desert, this little bag will bring us a huge fortune. You can not ignore TOMORROW.”


“Tomorrow?? Who knows whether we can still be alive tonight or not? Besides, it’s not ours. Let it be under the tree, where it was. Instead, let’s pray to the Almighty if we can get a little support to prolong our life span.”


The other friend accepted the proposal but not whole heartedly. He too was dying out of starvation and tiredness but still he could not resist himself from the greed of taking the precious colourful gems.

The first man was too in danger of death from famishment and yet at his side laid a wealth of stones. But he turned to the Lord in prayer and all of a sudden saw a camel coming towards them and as it drew closer he saw that on its back was an Arabian Sheikh.

The Sheikh, who had stopped at this very tree some time before had laid his bag at his side and had then gone away forgetting them. Now he was very glad that they were still intact. He gave the poor men food and water and insisted to sit on his camel.

"Look how God arranges things," said the Sheikh, "I had considered the loss of my gems as a misfortune. Still I came back because the little bag is a part of the summary of my business. I am sure that you must have peeped inside the bag but still the bag is kept intact. You can not imagine what great value these gems possess! I rode back all the day again in search of the wealth. If I could not have found it in the place where I kept, then neither I had asked you people of it, considering that it is stolen, nor I could have offered you any food, water or transportation. And for you it is fortune because you have lost your way. The direction which you were following would have led you both to utter disasters of mirages. I turned back and so am able to save your life."


Being weary out of dreadful tiredness, the honest man smiled and whispered to his friend “Always place your trust in God and let your soul be brave, honest and humble. The Almighty will always do with you what is right and true.”