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The Rainbow

Tears streamed down my face as I sat at my grandmother's funeral. My grandmother lived a very full life, and was full of energy, love, and wisdom. She always said the right thing for the situation. And, whenever we had a problem, we knew we could talk with Grandma. She fought alone with her two kids when she became widow at a quite tender age. She had experienced many hardships to build up her children. I have heard all these from my mom.
As a teenager, I can remember many conversations where Grandmother would give us her worldly wisdom and she would always end up saying, “you are a gift of God. Do whatever comes from your heart and do that with love and honesty “. Now, here we were at her funeral, and I could almost hear her saying,” do what your heart says.” Now, I really knew I had an angel smiling on me as I am sure Grandma was in heaven smiling down and watching out for us.
I offered to help my Mom sort through Grandma's house. She lived there with my maternal uncle’s family. She had a great impact on me as in my early childhood years; I stayed with her and learnt a lot from her. The next few days were filled with memories, and filled with laughter, and filled with tears. As we sorted through Grandma's stuff, it brought back some wonderful memories. I was packing some of her clothes, when my mum called to me. I went into Grandma's bedroom, and my mum handed me a package with my name written on it. I opened the box and saw her hand made stitched lotus with a line stitched on it
“Remember, to make rainbows you need sun and rain.”

And Grandma had handwritten, "Get this stitched work framed and hang this in front of your reading desk to remind you of me! Do not cry when I will be no more. I shall always surround you with my love and affection. And also, remember, there may come various stormy obstacles in your life but to see the rainbow, you need to have a clear sky and as well as SMILES and TEARS.” Love Grandma.

To this day, I have the priceless motivational work of art hanging in my most favourite place, my reading table. And, every time I look at it I can hear Grandma saying:

“Do whatever comes from your heart and do that with love and honesty.”