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The Other World.

The Other World.


“See a world in a grain of sand.

And Heaven in a Wild Flower.”…

Once upon a time, there were two flowers. They were a beautiful bright sunflower and an evening primrose. These flowers lived on top of a plush, grass filled hill. Every day the sun would come out, and the warm breeze would sweep through the hills. When night fell, it would cool off, just a little, as the elusive moon peeked through the clouds.
When the sun would come out, the sunflower would bask in the warm rays, while the evening primrose would try and hide itself. They both wanted to interact between themselves but alas! It was always left undone. Every day, it happened in a peculiar way, with the entrance of the evening primrose, the day long happy sunflower would wither away and fall to fast asleep. They hardly had any time to chat between themselves.
One day, getting vexed, the sunflower complained to the Sun,” I grow rapidly, reaching heights of between four and 20 feet. Usually, I have only a single, hair-covered stem .The growing season for me lasts approximately 120 days. I stay on a hill top and I have no such friends around to share my feelings with. And the moment, you set, your friend Moon and my friend, the evening prim rose come on the earth to reign and I fall fast asleep. Can’t you arrange something from your might so that we can get a bit time to spend together? The day long I look at you only if you can shower a bit justice on me!” The sunflower is a unique plant because of its reaction to sunlight. The head of the sunflower points east toward the sun during the morning. As the day wears on, the stem rotates so that the sunflower head follows the path of the sun. It also added," You are the most Super Power of the Universe. Without you, no life exists. The world would have been a deserted place without your presence. How can you be unknown by some flowers then? That's why I wanted to spread to the prim rose, the beauty of this world when you shower your presence and blessings on it."
On the other hand, the same appeal was placed in front of the Moon. The prim rose too added her grief and agony of not getting time to interact with the sunflower in the same way." Oh Moon! you are so beautiful. So many poets, lyricists and others have composed so many poems for you. You are the pleasant queen of the beauty of the nature.I want to tell the beauty of the nature when you are present to my friend."  On hearing this, the Moon comforted her “Hello, don’t be impatient, dear! Sun and I will surely try to find out a solution to this problem. We too want you both to be friends. We have already worked on it.”

There are some flowers that never see the sun. One of the most curious is the "evening primrose." About six o'clock it suddenly bursts open, with a popping sound, and at six next morning closes. If you watch that pretty flower, and listen, you can hear this strange performance. This is why it does so. The little calyx holds the petals in such a way that the moment it turns back they are let loose. At once it bursts out into full flower, with this funny noise, like a pop-gun. So the "night-blooming cereus" blossom in the night, only for an hour, giving out its sweet fragrance, and then dies. Just think of never seeing the sun at all!


A few weeks after, the flowers had a big, big surprise waiting for them. They were optimistic, happy and full of trust that they will sure get the fruitful result for their patience. The Sun and the Moon had decided to contribute a little time from their schedule and created a common time where there will remain the fragrance of the departure of the Sun and the odour of the arrival of the Moon.  Thus the “dusk” came into existence in the world. After sunset, there is still visible light in the western sky. This is called twilight and lasts for about half an hour. Dusk is defined as the last stages of that period of twilight. So it follows sunset by about half an hour. At this stage, these two had a common time for themselves to share their friendship, love, experiences and everything they wished to.