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Rhea’s Birthday Gift

Rhea’s Birthday Gift

Here is an interesting story of Rhea and her birthday gift. Rhea’s elder brother Rwithik will be in Hague this year for his office jobs during her birthday time. After her father passed away before some years, it was Rwithik who took the main lead in celebrating her birthday in their Kolkata’s house. At that time, he was the final year student in XLRi- Jamshedpur and Rhea was in class X1. From that time, he never make her understood the absence of her father and celebrated her loving sis’s birthday in a grand manner. This year Rhea was very sad and decided not to celebrate until her brother returns .Rwithik and her mother try to deviate her from her oath but all in futile. After a lot of requests from her elders, finally Rhea wanted something for her birthday. She told to her brother to send a Swiss watch for her birthday gift.

Rhea cried out in excitement, "Oh, Ma! Don’t you think it is the grand watch said he would sometime give me?"

"No," replied her Ma, reading on the mail which Rwithik had just sent to his mom. "Your brother told that this time he would send a wonderful talking doll for you. He would bring the watch when he would return India, after six months.”

"But I don’t want a doll from Switzerland," remarked the daughter, soberly.

“But no way dear, he has always considered you as a little girl.”

Her Ma smiled, and opened the mail which her son had written to her. "Read it aloud, every bit," begged Rhea, seeing her Ma was smiling. But her ma smiled and said nothing.

On the birthday morning, the courier boy handed her over the box, which had just arrived; she was very glad and thought of opening it in the afternoon after returning from college. She kept it on her study table and kissed it dearly because the gift pack brought the love and affection of her brother.

Rhea had not spoken of the watch since her brother’s mail was told of. It is not nice for one who receives a gift to wish it was different. She was not that kind of a child.

When in the evening, her mother gave her the”payesh”, the most important sweet dish which all the Bengalees used to have during the birthday. After that her mother gave her a nice I-pod which she was longing for quite a some time, and asked her to unwrap her brother’s gift. With much love and care, she opened carefully the box and every one in the house was made glad with a present. Rhea’s was a huge talking doll, the latest one in the market with a beautiful greetings card with it. She saw it, hugged it and again was ready to put in the box again.

 "I have not finished what he directs me to do," her Ma said, with a flourish of her fast hands and was going to open the back side of the doll with her  little sense of operating any electronics goods.

"But, Ma—oh, please!" Rhea’s hand was on his arm. "You would not spoil my beautiful doll!

A hidden spring was touched with the point of the frock of the doll. The breast opened, and disclosed the fowl filled with choice toys and other things. The first taken out was a tiny box; inside was shining golden wrist watch with a lovely note from her brother on it.

It was a doll for one, for only Rwithik’s dear sister Rhea. Her eyes filled up with tears with joy with the gift and woe for the absence of her brother and jumped on to her mama’s lap..