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Grandpa’s Principle

Grandpa’s Principle



In a small village of Gujrat there lived a widow mother with his six years old son, Rishi... The little boy was in a bad habit of eating excessive sweet and sugar. They were quite poor. He loved sweets but as they could not afford to have sweets on daily basis from shop so he ate sugar on countless time. His mother tried to stop him in all ways she could do but all were in futile. The mother knew that Rishi loved his grandfather very much. He not only loved his grandpa but also respected him and always obeyed to whatever the old man told.


Rishi’s grand parents lived in the next village to them. It took nearly 3 hours walk to reach theirs. One Sunday morning Radha told to his son, “Wake up Rishi! Today we are going to grandpa’s house.” Jumping on bed, Rishi smiled “Oh, that’s great!  Let’s move early because I have to come back by evening as for tomorrow I have to prepare for my class work. More over you too have to bring back the cattle from the field. ”


Radha prepared his son at haste and set out for her in law’s house. They reached there by 12 noon. After lunch, Radha told his father in law in front of Rishi, “Babu Ji please ask your grandson not eat excessive sugar.  He is in a constant habit of eating sweets and stealing sugar from my kitchen. Excessive sweets are making his teeth bad and also sometimes he has a stomach ache. I know that he will hear you. So, please stop him from doing this.” On hearing this, the old man seemed to be a bit hesitating to tell Rishi any thing on this topic. He only told Radha to bring Rishi on the next Sunday and he would speak to Rishi then only on this account. Radha was quite surprised at this but did not say anything. Accepted and went back to their village with his son.


On the next Sunday, the mother and the child again went to his grandpa’s village. Rishi loved the company of this old man. They did angling and bathed in the river. The day was full of merriment. The day went away but the man did not speak anything to Rishi for which they came all this way long. On afternoon, while returning back, Radha again requested his father in law to speak to his grand son to forbid the intake of sugar. To Radha’s utter astonishment, the previous scenario was repeated. The grand pa did not tell anything to Rishi. Moreover, he again asked them to come on the next Sunday and that day he would surely tell Rishi about it. Getting confused and bewildered, Radha came back to her village again with his son.


She started thinking, “What’s the matter? I can’t understand. I think Babu Ji is delaying deliberately for he wants to have the company of his grand son on weekly basis. What else the reason could be?”


This little boy was also surprised to find that his grand pa did not ask him to leave taking sugar. And he also felt pity for his mother who takes him to their village with so many hours walk and that too after managing all the house hold and pasture’s hard ship.


The next Sunday, again Rishi went to his grand pa’s home. After the mid day meal, he called up his grand son and Radha and told him, “Rishi, do not take much sweets and sugar. It may lead to an ill health.” And again he started to play with Rishi.


Radha, unable to manage her astonishment any more, asked, “Babu Ji, why did you take so much time in telling these two lines to Rishi? I thought you would be making him understand him in a more vivid way to stop this bad habit. What had stopped you so many days?”


“Look my child let me reveal you today a secret. I too was in the same habit of taking sweets more than what I should to. It was also causing me cavities in my teeth. Being aware of these too, I was unable to get rid of this ill habit. Now, one day you came and seeked for the same help to make Rishi understand to quit the same ill habit. But how could I? To my principle, I can never ask to do anyone anything which I myself cannot perform. I asked you to come the first Sunday because I thought I can quit from my habit in the seven days. But I found myself wrong. It was not so easy.” Turning to Rishi, he told, “The next Sunday also, I found that my craze for sweets still exists in a large scale. So also that day too, I sent you back without telling you anything on it, knowing how much pain your mom is taking to come all this long way to hear some advice. I felt so ashamed at myself! I tried harder and harder and finally got out of this habit. Now, I learnt not to take sugar and sweet more than need. So now only, I can ask you to do the job.”


Rishi jumped on his grand pa’s laps, hugged his neck and kissed him and cried aloud, “ that’s why, you are the world’s best grandpa.”


“Listen to your mother whatever she says to and get yourself free from this habit. Try harder with a strong will power and you will be able to succeed.” The old wise man kissed his grand son too.