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A path To harmonize




Today I shall tell you a story of a family of Madhapar, Gujrat. Mr. Dinesh Patel is a headmaster of a 12th standard school who is contented with his dutiful housewife Sunetra and his children Ishan and Ishita.

When the children were born, the world became bright like anything for the couple who wanted a daughter and a son. Imagine the welcome entry into a loving world that proffered nectar with warm embraces in their earliest days! It was noticed every advancing month their evolving into a more and more beautiful children As for Ishita, she was grand for her beautiful and cute looks. Their childhood days were colourful, cheerful and were in full of swing.

 When Ishita completed her school examinations, she witnessed a lot of high hopes among her parents about her future career. She had requested them that she wanted to study more and more and dreamt to take up the profession of a physician. She got the full support for my higher studies. By that time, her elder brother, Ishan had gone to Kanpur for his engineering studies.

 And then the most excruciating day in her life passed me on 14th May, 94, in the vacation after the board exams. The day brought ferocious nightmares for her in the open daylight.  She was assaulted by one of her elder brother like figure, Kashyap Goel, who was very close to the family and their family was a family friend of theirs. They both had a thick and thin relationship with the other. She had always felt an intense respect for him for his playmanship in lawn tennis. He lived in the neighborhood and was holding a high government official position. That day, some families of the neighbourhood had gone on a lovely picnic but as she had a bad headache from that morning, she refused to go. Sunetra Debi too wanted to quit but after her earnest requests, she went and promised her to come back as early as possible. It was Saturday and so it was a holiday for him who too did not attend the picnic due to some of his personal jobs. They spent together and had lunch in Patel’s house and gradually with the time and medicine, she was feeling a bit better. But Ishita had no means of knowing how she had kindled in him such a high degree of passion that he violated her mercilessly. As painful as it is, sometimes the end of a relationship in unavoidable. But with the time, she finally had to accept that the relationship she once shared with him was over. Ishita was so shocked and surprised! Her worst fears thus got confirmed. She began to hate the world. She began to hate all the beautiful things around me. And she had to pass through all that uncertainty and chaos to achieve her present tranquility alone. She could not think even to share this incident with her parents or her brother because she could never ever give them any wildest chance to think on this accident.

 Now let us forward the time to another 15 years. It is 2nd February, ’09.

 Ishita’s dreams finally came true. Now, she is Dr, Ishita Patel. Life has changed its meaning to her with various experiences and teachings. She had to go through many colourful and shabby experiences her life which had made her more matured. But not for a single day, she could have forgotten that black incident. Neither had she met with Kashyap any more formally, as she went to study in residential college after the 10th. Now, Ishita is attached with St. Vincent’s Hospital, a renowned care unit for emergencies in Tezu, for the last 5 years. It was the first day of the week and she had her night shift that day.  

 That day, as Ishita stepped inside the hospital; she was called to attend an emergency car accident. It was nearly 9 pm and it was raining cats and dogs outside. She rushed in the O.T. and found a body dipped with blood. Apart from him, two children were also admitted with minor injuries. She had no time to enquire of the reason of the accident though she came to overhear that due to the slippery roads in the heavy rain, the car got slipped in a blind turn and the admitted man was driving and so was badly injured and got senseless. The children were in the back seats and so they got rescued. I asked the sister for his B.P and pulse rate but the report was alarming. After he was washed off, Ishita took a glance of her patient. SHE WAS SHOCKED……He was none but her RAPIST…. Yes, it was he only….All her feelings got topsy-turvy. She was dumb for a while and instead of taking any revenge, of which I was longed so far, she took pity on him. No retaliation came in her mind. With much duties and caring, she made him fit and healed up his injuries. But when he was back in his senses, he was filled up with shame and disgrace. Neither he could look into her eyes straightly nor could he talk with properly. She tried to make him easy but all in futile. Tears rolled down from his cheeks constantly. He could not pardon himself for his misdeeds. Finally, while getting released from the hospital, he gave her a note where she was asked repeatedly to pardon him, if possible. And he too added that it is the highest punishment from the Almighty that I had saved his life whom he had disgraced one day like a beast.

 Outside, there was no moon shining down on deserted streets, making the whole neighborhood look mysterious and magical. A thin layer of frost covered each house and path, transforming a normal street into a place worthy of a postcard picture. It looked bitterly cold outside. No one in their right mind would venture out on a night like this but Ishita felt herself as free as a bird ……

In time Ishita grew strong again. She learned those that grow strong, grow from weakness as we all know that “failures are the pillars of success.” Those that lose at love, find love again. Those that forgive are forgiven in return.

Some would say a love that is blind is wasted love. It is not so. Love is never wasted when it is sent. Only wasted when it is not respectfully received by the intended recipient. That's an important distinction and it takes experience to fully absorb. A breakup is an end, but, also a beginning. The circle of life has a large radius. Enjoy its arc all the days.