Lower Circular Road Cemetery

Lower Circular Road Cemetery



The New Burial Ground, Circular Road" was opened on 29 April 1840 for the remains of Captain E T Milner's child. This is a 33 acre ground with approx 12,000 burials. It is under the custody of “Calcutta Burial Ground.”. The Name “Christian Burial Board” originates from the Calcutta Burial Board as a Statutory Body formed in 1881 under the Burial Board Act (Bengal Act V).


This cemetery is near the intersection with Park Street is still in use and the front part of the grounds are relatively clear and well kept.




But the older part of the cemetery furthest from Lower Circular Road and around the edges of the grounds is severely overgrown with creeper and is kept in such a untidy manner that their slabs or monuments are totally invisible. The care taker with his assistances takes a lot to take care of the place to keep it neat and clean.

There are a number of graves of historic persons here.


Michael Madhusudan Dutt and his wife







Sir Dinabandhu Andrews



David Drummond( Michael's teacher)
James Wilson(He started income tax first time in India)