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Welcome to our website www.sapasagroup.com, a perpetual work-in-progress. The pages will tell you all about us. Hope you enjoy reading them! Our goal is to make our contributions timeless by preserving them so that you can enjoy them forever.


Turn and tune to all the sections to add more colour, flavour, nourishment and variety to the important aspects of your life and ensure a sound mental health for the day and ever..... Not just for yourself but for your entire family.


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Paromita Mandal, the key holder of the site works for a leading I.T. firm. She is from Kolkata. Her love for English literature kept her riveted to it and she also took up French as the language excited her. Since childhood she has a keen interest in music. She was a student of many eminent music scholars and her practice is still on. She had her poetry book “DROPLETS”, first published in Kolkata Book Fair, with a collection of 75 poems.


Shib Sankar Das, Software Engineer by profession in a reputed I.T. Firm enjoys endeavoring on new subjects to add spices to the curry and make it tastier. He is from Tripura. He renders both moral and emotional supports in her various endeavors.


They nurture a shared dream of bringing their site in protuberance. With a goal so strong, it is not surprising that the one-stop literary portal has the zest and character of an organization that knows where it’s going…right to the top!



Keep coming back because we are going to be updating this site and adding new pages regularly! We'd love your feed back; email questions and comments .Thanks for your visit. Enjoy!