“sapasagroup” is a gift of "newfangled ideas" on various themes. The site offers a multitude of insights, experiences, creativities and inspirations. Through a diversity of paths and language it reminds us that we are in essence one world family with all journeying back to our common source. They are not only beautifully depicted writings but also bear their inner experiences and realisations and the lofty utterances of the author to have the capacity to give a glimpse of her originative vision. Life and Optimism is Truth. And perhaps the greatest Truth is that if  any of us can discover is that Beauty exists in our lives, only waiting to be found and recognized and  appreciated. 

The name “sapasagroup” justifies its kernel-meaning in the way that in Indian ClassicalMusic, in "sargam", the two “swaras” Sa Pa & Sa" and in Western solfege "Do  So & Do" are the pulse and the standing note of any music. As they do not alter their positions in any interval and also bears the excogitation of any music, similarly this site is also fragranced with versatile melodic themes with its deep routed innovative ideas.
It is a common effort from Paromita directly and Shibsankar,the man behind the curtain with all his guidances and assistances.


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