Clarabit Chess Engine 

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First of all, thanks to my family that let me steal them time to make Clarabit possible.

Clarabit Contributors 

  • Pradu Kannan for introducing me to Magic bitboards. 
  • Ed Schroder for his opensource opening book code.
  • Olivier Deville and Fonzy Bluemers  for their  revised  opening book.
  • Daniel Shawul for his opensource egbb access code.

People/Sites who helped me starting Chess Programming

  • Robert Hyatt . Part of Chess Programming History. Author of Crafty and other previous chess programs. Usually available to help programmers at CCC.
  • Bruce Moreland. Very useful chess programming info and Gerbil´s chess engine author.
  • Ed Schröder .  Author of Rebel and Prodeo. Very inetresting Web page with lot of free info and utilities.
  • Tom Kerrigan.  Author of TSCP chess engine. Simple engine code to learn basis.
  • many other people working in chess programming investigation.

 Testers who usually work with Clarabit and many Engines

Chess Programmers sharing time and ideas with me




Last update 28/01/2008