Saori Watanabe / 渡部 沙織
(Sarasa Ono / 大野更紗)

Ph.D. candidate,
Graduate School of Sociology,
Meiji Gakuin University

Research Fellow (DC1) of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Contact Information
Graduate School of Sociology
Meiji Gakuin University
1-2-37 Shirokanedai Minato-ku Tokyo, JAPAN
Email: saori.watanabe.p(at)gmail.com

難病、Rare Diseases に関する医療社会学の研究者です。
《Main Fields》
・現代の難病政策や患者さんの実相について、多岐に渡る対象に対してMixed Method, Diverse methodological approaches を用いて調査研究を実施しています。患者のSES (Socio-Economic Status) と社会経済的負担に関する研究、遺伝学的市民権(ジェネティック・シティズンシップ)に基づいた患者の医科学研究参画に関する調査、難治性・希少性疾患のELSI等について調査研究をしています。

Saori Watanabe is a Sociologist at Meiji Gakuin University who specializes in research on Rare Diseases and Medicine. 
The title of her Ph.D. thesis (under review) is "A Study on Rare Diseases Policy in Japan: Public Expenditure Medical Care by Diseases-Category-Based Model." She has been researching the historical analysis of Rare Diseases Policy in post-war Japan and other countries.
Currently, she has also conducted several surveys, the one on Patient's Involvement of biomedical research based on Genetic Citizenship and the other on SES (Socio-Economic Status) of Patients with Rare Diseases. Her research has been funded by KAKEN (Japan's Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research) and the SECOM Science and Technology Foundation.  

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