Common name: Saola
Scientific name: Pseudoryx nghetinhesis 
Other name: Vu Quang ox, Sao La, Vu Quang-wildrindes, Sun Duong, Yang 

A map of the present day habitat.

Saola Conservation in Central Vietnam


A map of the past habitat.


# 1  A paragraph description and hand-draw picture of the habitat and animal.

# 2 Why/How saola is endangered?
Hunting, caught in traps set for other animals.
saola also eat other animal, saola are endangered because they are ate by other animal. 

#5 find a news article about the animal and write a summary.
The enigmatic species was caught on film in September by a camera trap set by WWF and the Vietnamese government’s Forest Protection Department in the Central Annamite mountains. “In Vietnam, the last sighting of a saola in the wild was in 1998,” said Dang Dinh Nguyen, Deputy Head of Quang Nam Forest Protection Department and Director of Quang Nam’s Saola Nature Reserve. The saola was discovered in 1992 by a joint team from Vietnam’s Ministry of Forestry (now called Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) and WWF surveying the forests of Vu Quang, near Vietnam's border with Laos.

#6 A video of your animal.

#8 where your animal is on the endangered species list and WHY?

With other animal endangered. 
In the unique forests of the Phou Sithone Endangered Species Conservation Area (ESCA).

#10 propose legislation to protect the animal. 
 I think we have propose legislation to protect the animal. if we don't propose, they maybe blame us lost animals.

#13 Draw a footprint of the animal.

#15 Make a word cloud about your animal. 

#16 Write a children's book about your animal.
                    BOOKS OF SAOLA

The soala eat leaves of fig and other trees and bushes

 that grow along the moist riverbanks. 

And then they eat fruits, seeds and berries from these plants.

A saola looks like a deer. 
The saola eat leaves and fruits. 
They are big, they has a hoaere. 
They are live in forest.
Sometime they eat seeds and berries these plants.
 Saola are run and they are walk slowly.

#19 Create a mask of the animal.