Undergraduate Project Supervision

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  • Design and develop a web based spectral library for Arctic, Antarctic and Chihuahuan desert ecosystem (http://spectrallibrary.utep.edu).
  • Design and develop a low cost Optical Sensor for reflectance measurements.
  • Develop a runtime monitoring system for real time data streaming and quality control of spectral data collected using a robotic cart system in Arctic.
  • Develop an All-Terrain Semi-automatic Vehicle for Automated Field Operation for ecological research.
  • Design and develop a Plot Level Goniometer for reflectance measurement.
  • Design of Database and GUI for accessing automatic weather station data.
  • Design and develop Robotic Sensor Arm for BRDF Measurements.
  • Develop PostgreSQL Database for Hyperspectral Data.
  • Develop Tundra Tram Sensor Package (Students won 1st prize in Senior Design competition at UTEP).