Dr. Santonu Goswami
Scientist SE
Earth and Climate Sciences
National Remote Sensing Centre
Indian Space Research Organisation 
Hyderabad, India 

I welcome communications from PhD/M.Sc /M.Tech/BE /B.Tech students interested in taking up challenging projects in Earth Science, Remote Sensing and GIS, Satellite Image Processing, Geoinformatics. 

I am always interested to discuss new and exciting ideas. To discuss about any research related ideas/opportunities please send an email to: santonu@gmail.com.


Over the past ten years, I have been involved with research work focusing on two major problems of the century i.e. Climate Change impacts on Natural Ecosystems and Rapid Urbanization of the World. Most of my work has been as an interdisciplinary environmental scientist with an overarching research interest in Climate, Ecosystems and Global Environmental Change. The methods I used to support my research involves multi-scale remote sensing, geospatial modeling, field observations and various environmental cyberinfrastructure tools. These methods and techniques have a wide applications in natural sciences, agriculture sciences, natural hazards etc. Some of my recent work focused on understanding the climate change impacts on the vulnerable northern high latitude ecosystems. My future research interests include application of my methods and techniques in biodiversity conservation and urban dynamics.  

I spent about two semesters working as a full-time research scientist within the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University during 2015-2016. This excellent opportunity provided me exposure in Urban Science domain, specifically in Urban Informatics working with a range of datasets produced by different agencies in New York City towards developing solutions for sustainable Urban Operation. I was also involved in student teaching/ student supervision and led a team of Graduate students to Singapore in an academic trip to meet with various Govt.,private and educational institutes working in the broader Urban Science domain. 

My current work focuses on understanding long-term coastal dynamics and its relations to climatic drivers using high resolution satellite data and climate records in the Indian sub-continent. 

In general, I am strongly interested in Citizen Science and student mentoring and advising. I have been involved with this area through various activities in collaboration with colleagues from national and international organisations. 

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