Edited Books


·         Complex Networks, Proceedings of CompleNet 2009, International Workshop on Complex Networks, held in Catania, Italy, on May 26-27, 2009. The editors are Santo Fortunato, Ronaldo Menezes, Giuseppe Mangioni and Vincenzo Nicosia. The volume  belongs to Springer's series Studies in Computational Intelligence.




Book Chapters



·         Santo Fortunato, Claudio Castellano

     Community structure in graphs

     chapter of Springer's

     Encyclopedia of Complexity and System Science (2008)


·        Santo Fortunato, Dietrich Stauffer   

     Computer Simulations of Opinions and Their Reactions to Extreme Events

     in Extreme Events in Nature and Society,

     S. Albeverio, V. Jentsch, H. Kantz editors,

     Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg (2006)




·         S. Fortunato. D. Hric

      Community detection in networks: a  user guide

      Physics Reports 659, 1-44 (2016)

·         S. Fortunato

      Community detection in graphs

      Physics Reports 486, 75-174 (2010)


·         Claudio Castellano, Santo Fortunato,         Vittorio Loreto

      Statistical physics of social dynamics

      Reviews of Modern Physics  81, 591-

       646 (2009)





·        Complex networks


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·         Social dynamics


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·        Percolation


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·        Statistical field theory


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·         Nuclear theory


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