Here you can find the website devoted to the new book for young people by Bhikkhu Sujato together with graphic artist Lisa Anne. This has been published for free distribution by Inward Path Publishers, Penang.

Sects & Sectarianism

This new work by Bhante Sujato includes ground-breaking research examining the origins of Buddhist sectarianism. The work brings together textual and archaeological sources to paint a new picture of the relationships between the schools, especially those of the existing Vinaya lineages.

A History of Mindfulness [pdf]

This full-scale study examines the meaning and development of satipatthana as one of the key dimensions of Buddhist meditation. This is the digital version of the book published by the Corporate Body of the Buddha, Taiwan, for free distribution.

A Swift Pair of Messengers

Calm and insight are the two great wings of Buddhist meditation. Calm and insight emerge as complementary aspects of a comprehensive approach to cultivation of the mind, together delivering the message of Truth. This book was published for free distribution by Inward Path Publishers. A copy may be requested from the publisher: sunanda@pc.jaring.my

Bhikkhuni Vinaya Studies

A collection of essays written over the years regarding some difficult aspects of the bhikkhuni vinaya. Topics include the eight garudhammas, crossing rivers etc. Available at printing cost from Lulu and an electronic version free.


Bhikkhuni FAQ [ pdf ]

A conversation with a sceptic.

A Painful Ambiguity [ pdf]

An essay on the construction of bhikkhunis as embodied in the early scriptures. The life of the Buddha is designed as a hero myth, and this frames the the origin story of bhikkhunis in mythic, rather than historical, terms.

Vutthapana and Upasampadapdf

A technical discussion of Vinaya terminology regarding bhikkhuni ordination, suggesting that certain aspects of the bhikkhuni Vinaya texts were preserved in oral tradition of the bhikkhunis themselves, separate from the main redaction tradition of the bhikkhus.

How nuns may scold monks [ pdf]

A collection of stories illustrating the sometimes amusing and innovative teaching methods nuns use to instruct monks.

Bhikkhunis in Theravada[pdf]

A submission to the ongoing dialogue on bhikkhuni ordination in the three main traditions, prepared for the Tibetan Committee of Western Bhikkhunis.

Full Acceptance [pdf]

The participation of women in the renunciate life.

Congress on Buddhist Women's Role in the Sangha

Bhante Sujato was one of the speakers at this ground-breaking conference sponsored by the Dalai Lama and hosted at the University of Hamburg. The content of his speech may be found at Sects & Sectarianism. Below find 'Dark Matter', an essay written immediately following the Congress, as well as 'Now is the Time', the statement read at the final discussion panel with the Dalai Lama

Now is the Time [ pdf]

Dark Matter [ pdf]

Into the Scriptures

What the Buddha Really Taught pdf]

An introduction to the Pali Nikayas and Chinese Agamas, the earliest existing records of the Buddha's teachings.

Parampara [pdf]

Ordination lineages in the three traditions: a contribution towards understanding. (This essay was the original seed from which Sects & Sectarianism developed)

It's Time [pdf]

A call to arms for a reasoned and critical perspective on Buddhism.

Without Delay [pdf]

An inquiry into the 'timelessness' of the Dhamma

Rebirth and the In-between State in early Buddhism [pdf]

A paper presented at the Closer to Reality seminar in Kuala Lumpur, 2008.

About Meditation

Satipatthana and the Evolution of the Dhamma Theory [pdf]

Utilizing the results of the research carried out for A History of Mindfulness, this essay questions the way the Satipatthana Sutta has been used in modern scholarly discourse.

All Dhammas [pdf]

Reflections on 'dhammas' and 'sankharas' in the context of insight meditation.

Peace, War, Science and Religions

Just a Little Peace [pdf]

Buddhism, peace, and holy war.

When Life Begins [pdf]

Understanding abortion through the middle way.

The Gap [pdf]

The hole between religion and science.

The Death and Resurrection of the Buddha [pdf]

Unexpected continuities between Buddhism and other religions.

The Mystique of the Abhidhamma [pdf]

A playfully provocative re-evaluation of the Abhidhamma as an essentially religious, rather than philosophical, enterprise.

The Tyranny of Transcendence  [pdf]

Uses and abuses in the development of will.  Based on a talk given by Bhante Sujato at Santi FM during the rains retreat 2008.

Everything is due to Kamma, right?

Bhante Sujato's response to Sharon Stone and the Dalai Lama's comments on karma after the disasters in  Myanmar and China during 2008.

The light side

Bala the Clown [ pdf]

Existential clowning for loners and misfits...

So, What Star Sign Are You? [pdf]

The Buddha, horoscopes, visions and signs.

The Ring and I [pdf]

The Dhamma of The Lord of the Rings

The Light Side of Enlightenment

If you've come this far, you deserve some Buddhist light-bulb jokes......


The First Council (Mahisasaka version)pdf

A translation of the chapter on the First Buddhist Council from the Mahisasaka Vinaya. This is part of an ongoing series of translations from important Vinaya texts that will be published here from time to time.

The First Chinese Bhikkhunis pdf

Translations from the historical records preserved in the Chinese canon, telling of the arrival of bhikkhunis in China from Sri Lanka.

Three Emptiness Sutras by Bhante Santi [pdf]

"Discourse to Samiddhi on the Emptiness of the World", "Great Exposition of Emptiness" and "Exposition of the Ultimate Meaning of Emptiness" from the Samyukt'agama translated into Pali and English from BH Sanskrit. Pali and English in parallel for recitation.

Four Reliances Sutra

Sanskrit text and translation of a short but important sutra, probably early, but not found in the Pali collection.