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Lego Projects

After many years without touching LEGO, I decided that it was time to start having fun again. In this page I describe some of the robots I have been building. I mainly use LEGO Technic + Power Functions, even if I own the LEGO Mindstorms NXT kit I just hate the bulkiness of the new motors and sensors, so I just don't use them. I'm still expecting LEGO to release a newer version of NXT with a smaller form factor, much like the original Mindstorms, which was awesome imho. Too bad I broke my old RCX brick, and I can't use it any more!! :(

4 Legged Walker (v1)
4 Legged Walker (version 2)
4 Legged Walker (version 3)
Linear Actuator 4 Legged Walker
Tank with arm
LA 4 Legged Walker (v2)
4 Legged Walker (v4)

Lego Rod Logic
Lego Mechanical Sequencer
More Lego Rod Logic
Konrad Zuse's Logic Gates
Finite State Machine
Automatic Zuse Logic Gates